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This gripping memoir tells the incredible story of American photographer Matthew Schrier’s abduction from the battle-scarred streets of Aleppo by the Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra.  It’s a searing narrative of personal courage and the determination to survive. Schrier takes us inside the hellish world of secret Syrian prisons and his daring escape from his jihadist captors. He also paints a brutally frank portrait of the unexpected friendships, and hostilities, he formed with his fellow captives.

   -Philip S. Balboni, CEO and Co-Executive Editor, DailyChatter; formerly CEO and Founder, GlobalPost 


Captured by Al Qaeda in Syria, Matt Schrier essentially played a long game of chess with them - and won. He escaped from their torture chambers and went on to write one of the most terrifying and suspenseful books I've ever read. This is an absolutely extraordinary story.

   -Sebastian Junger, author of ​The Perfect Storm

A tightly told story of brutal survival, unexpected friendships and ultimate escape...Matt's engrossing story took me back to those days of struggle and survival and the desperate need for freedom...

   -Billy Hayes, coauthor of Midnight Express